Deputy Mayor Don Allen

Don Allen (Image)     Contact me:
E. Don Allen
T. 705-728-4784 Ext. 2013
F. 705-728-6957
H. 705-302-4253

As Springwater’s Deputy Mayor, a member of various committees, a Councillor on Simcoe County Council, and Vice-Chair of one of the County’s committees, my goal is to work with Councillors and staff to improve the service and value provided to the electorate. There are always opportunities to improve the way we do things and I plan to use my experience, finance and business training to determine and help implement ways to accomplish effective progress. I believe better two-way communication with constituents is key to progress. To facilitate this, I invite you to contact me directly or follow ongoing news and my thoughts at, which is also where you will find more information about my background. Thank you for this opportunity.

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