Policies, By-laws & Guides

The Building By-law incorporates rules, regulations and fee information regarding building permits.


In order to assist you with planning your building projects, we have developed helpful guides for a number of common building projects.  Our Building FAQ's guide provides answers to commonly asked general questions about most building projects and should be used in conjunction with our project specific guides.

Please note that these documents are intended for use
as guides only, and are not intended to be used in lieu of current Municipal By-laws or the current edition of the Building Code, as amended.




The following checklists have been developed to assist with common building projects and are not intended to cover every building situation.

Where there are checklists for large and small buildings, please note that generally, any building that exceeds three storeys in building height OR, has a gross area of 600 m2 (6460 ft2) is considered to be a large building. 


  • CMHC Guide to Residential Wood Heating Please Note that this document will show you the Table of Contents only. CMHC now charges for this booklet; however, they do offer a free download from their website. To see the entire document, please go to and search by the name of the document.

        CMHC Guide to Wood Heating (PDF)