Fort Willow

Photo of Sign at Fort WillowFort Willow is one of the most historic sites located in Central Ontario.

During the War of 1812 the Fort was a supply depot that marked the half way point between Kempenfelt Bay and the Nottawasaga River. The strategic location of Fort Willow allowed for a continuous trade and transportation route to be established between Lake Ontario and Georgian Bay. During this time of war, British military utilized this route to transport supplies and personnel, as the lower lakes were occupied by the Americans. The Fort Willow area is also a part of the Nine Mile Portage, which was used for centuries by Aboriginals, fur traders, and explorers who passed through the area.

Today, Fort Willow welcomes visitors to come have a picnic and explore the beautiful surrounding trail networks. Throughout the Fort, information kiosks can be found that provide visitors with the outstanding history of the area. The Fort also offers sheltered rest areas, washrooms, and picnic tables for those stopping by.

Every September, the Fort puts on a re-enactment of life as a British soldier in 1812 at the annual Festival at Fort Willow. The Festival celebrates the historical significance of Fort Willow and Canada by allowing visitors to feel as though they have travelled two centuries back in time.

Fort Willow is located in the Township of Springwater at 2714 Grenfel Road.