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 Township of Springwater Administration Centre
2231 Nursery Road
Minesing, ON
L9X 1A8

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Phone: 705-728-4784
General Fax: 705-728-6957
Finance Fax: 705-728-2759
Email: General Inquiries


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Monday to Friday
8:30am - 4:30pm
(closed on statutory holidays) 

After Hours:  705-725-2715  


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 Media Contact: 705-728-4784 Ext. 2067 Email: Nicole Audette

Ext #
Mayor & Council Mayor & Council  
Mayor Bill French 2040 
Deputy Mayor Don Allen  2013
Councillor Ward 1 Katy Austin 2013 
Councillor Ward 2 Perry Ritchie  2013 
Councillor Ward 3 Jennifer Coughlin  2013 
Councillor Ward 4 Sandy McConkey 2013
Councillor Ward 5 Jack Hanna  2013
Recreation, Parks & Properties
GENERAL LINE  Recreation 2036/2063 
Director of Recreation/Parks/Properties Ron Belcourt 2053 
GENERAL LINE Building 2017 
Director of Building Services Nick Ippolito 2030 
Building Assistant  Penny Travis 2023 
Building Inspector  Darren Verstraten  2027 
GENERAL LINE Finance 2018
Director of Finance Jeff Schmidt 2009
Accounts Receivables Coordinator Jennifer McCullough 2022
Accounts Payable Coordinator Shelley McNabb 2025
Deputy Treasurer Anita Verstraten 2024
Customer Service Representative Jane Loftus 2036
Customer Service Representative   2063
Fire & Emergency Services
GENERAL LINE Fire & Emergency 2016 
Director of Fire & Emergency Services Ian Gavet 2031
Deputy Fire Chief Jeff French 2057
Fire Prevention Officer Jeff Corriveau 2047
Fire & Emergency Training Officer

Emergency Services Assistant Debbie Labelle 2045
Planning & Bylaw Enforcement
GENERAL LINE Planning 2019 
Director of Planning Services & Bylaw Enforcement Brent Spagnol 2049
Planner Amy Knapp 2064
Planner Chris Russell 2038
Planning & Development Coordinator Brianna Belcourt 2032
Planning Assistant Mary Veenstra 2044
Municipal Law Enforcement Officer Brittany Kellington 2033
Public Works
GENERAL LINE  Public Works  
Director of Public Works Mark Archer 2014
Operations Coordinator Heather Coleman 2051
Operations Technician Steve Buchanan 2075
Clerk's Office           
GENERAL LINE Clerk's Office 2015
Clerk Renee Chaperon 2026
Deputy Clerk Karen Way            2042
Clerk's Assistant Karen Jamieson 2013
GENERAL LINE Administration 2015
Chief Administrative Officer Robert Brindley 2041
Corporate Strategy Coordinator Erin DeVreede 2039
Community Development Officer Janine Peck 2100
Branding Advocate & Communications Officer Nicole Audette 2067
CEO, Springwater Library Jodie Player Delgado  2065
Springwater Library - Elmvale Elmvale Branch 705-322-1482
Springwater Library - Midhurst Midhurst Branch 705-737-5650
Springwater Library - Minesing Minesing Branch 705-722-6440
Livestock Claims 
GENERAL LINE Livestock Claims 2025 
  Charlie Renaud 705-322-2140
  Bernard Terry 705-322-3038
Additional Resources
Animal Control Eric Bronee
Dog Tag Sales Agent Andrea LeBlanc-Duffy 705-790-4364
Ontario Clean Water Agency   705-429-2525

Please note, in an effort to deter spam and online attacks the Township of Springwater does not post email addresses directly on their website. After filling out the contact form, the person you are attempting to reach will be directly notified of your correspondence and will address it accordingly. 

If you require further assistance or would like the direct email address of the person whom you are attempting to contact please call 705-728-4784 for customer service or the dial extension indicated for the person you are trying to reach.

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Jeff French 2057