Freedom of Information

The Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act establishes a general right of access to records held by municipal government:

  • any information held by government should, in general, be available to the public
  • any exemptions from the right of access to information should be limited and specific
  • any decisions by the Township relating to access to information may be reviewed by the independent Information and Privacy Commissioner (IPC)
  • any person may make a request for information held by a government institution covered by the Act

The Township releases information under two information management programs, they are:

  • Routine Disclosure; and
  • MFIPPA Access Request.

Information that does not contain personal information or infringe of the rights of a third party can generally be released via a request for routine disclosure. Contact the Clerk’s Office to discuss your request. 705-728-4784, ext. 2013. Protecting your personal information is very important; if the Township collects your personal information when you register for services such as a recreation program, we must protect your personal information from unauthorized collection and use. You have the right to access your own information and to request that inaccurate information be corrected.

Information that contains personal information that if made public may infringe on the rights of a third party may require a formal application and a $5 application fee; additional fees may apply depending on the scope of the request.  Complete the form below for formal access request.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How much does a request cost?

There is a mandatory $5.00 application fee that must be paid when submitting an Access Request. Additional fees may be charged under section 45 of the Municipal Freedom of Information and Privacy Protection Act for photocopying and severing.

Q: If I submit my request by mail or online, how will I know you received the request?

If you submit a request online and provide your e-mail address a confirmation e-mail will be sent to your account. If you mail in a request, we begin to process the request the date it is received by our office.

Q: What type of credit cards are accepted if I submit my request online?

The Township accepts Visa, Master Card, and American Express for online payments.

Q: How long will my request take to complete?

The Township will respond to a request within 30 calendar days after receiving the request and $5.00 application fee. For requests that involve a large number of records, an extensive search, or consultation with an external third party, the time may be extended.

Q: Is there any way to expedite my request?

Every effort will be made to release records quickly, however depending on the scope and volume of records, there is no guarantee a response will be made before the 30 day time frame.

Online Form

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