Strategic Plan - Our Springwater, Our Future

Springwater Council has finalized the 2016-2018 Strategic Plan, which outlines priorities for the remainder of the 4-year Council term.  The process of drafting a new Strategic Plan began in 2015 and the resulting Plan will provide Council and staff with guidance, direction and priorities, and will serve as a roadmap to success.

The Plan sets out the Vision, Mission and Core Values of the Township, and also identifies four strategic Pillars of Commitment and several key work initiatives for each pillar.

The Pillars of Commitment are:

  1. Community Development

  2. Smart Growth Management

  3. Infrastructure – Financial Management – Service Delivery

  4. Governance & Leadership 

In the future, all staff reports will identify which of the Pillars of Commitment are represented and all decisions of Council will be reflective of the priorities outlined in the Strategic Plan.

2016-2018 Strategic Plan - Our Springwater, Our Future