Community Improvement Plan

Council has endorsed a new Community Improvement Plan (CIP) for the Township. A Community Improvement Plan allows municipalities to establish grants, loans, incentives and other programs to encourage private sector investment in development and renovation efforts that seek to improve and revitalize areas or achieve local goals and priorities

The Community Improvement Plan endorsed by Council includes 8 programs:

  • Façade Improvement Program
  • Signage Improvement Program
  • Building, Restoration, Renovation and Improvement Program
  • Development Charge Rebate Program
  • Planning and Building Permit Fee Rebate Program
  • Heritage Improvement Program
  • Tax Increment Equivalent Financing Program
  • Accessibility Improvement Program

Each program will have a maximum funding amount, specific and general eligibility criteria and a review process to determine appropriateness. Council will have the option of activating and de-activating programs as they see fit. The program is expected to be rolled out throughout the next couple of months.

View the Community Improvement Plan.

What is a Community Improvement Plan (CIP)?

A Community Improvement Plan is a tool available under Section 28 of the Planning Act to help facilitate revitalization and redevelopment efforts in a defined area(s). To carry out CIPs, municipalities can establish grants, loans, incentives and other programs to encourage private sector investment in development and renovation efforts that seek to improve and revitalize areas and achieve local goals and priorities.

Through a Community Improvement Plan, the Township can:

  • provide grants or loans to eligible property owners and tenants, for the purposes of improving their property or building;
  • acquire and improve land, buildings and structure within the designated area;

Many municipalities have implemented Community Improvement Plans in Ontario.  Community Improvement Plans traditionally include facade improvement grants/loans, signage improvement grants/loans and other incentive programs improve public or private property.

Springwater Community Improvement Plan Process

The work plan for the Township of Springwater CIP has been split into two phases.

Phase 1 – Preparation of a CIP Strategy – The CIP Strategy will identify potential programs that could be implemented by Council through Phase 2 of the project.  Public consultation meetings will be held to discuss the purpose of the CIP Strategy, develop a vision, and to outline options for incentive programs. Feedback from the public consultation meetings will inform various aspects of the Strategy and the future CIP.

Public consultation meeting notices, information and presentations will be made available on this webpage. Written submissions, questions and comments can be submitted to the Township at any time.

Final CIP Strategy Report (March 2016)

Phase 2 – Community Improvement Plan – The CIP will outline a comprehensive set of financial incentive and municipal leadership programs and a clear implementation strategy. Public consultation will occur during Phase 2 (dates to be determined).

Phase 1 was initiated in January of 2015 and will be completed in September 2015.  Phase 2 will follow. 

The Township of Springwater would like to thank the County of Simcoe for assisting with this project. 

Public Information Session # 1

MMM Group presented information regarding the Community Improvement Plan to a group of interested residents at a public information session on May 28, 2015. The presentation included information on the process of developing a CIP, what is involved, issues and opportunities and best practices.

Residents were also provided with answers to frequently asked questions at the public information session on May 28.

Public Information Session # 2

Participants had the to opportunity to review and comment on a draft Community Improvement Plan (CIP) Strategy, at a workshop on October 22.
The presentation included potential programs aimed at improving targeted businesses, community infrastructure and downtown core area. Additionally, information boards were available for viewing at the Information Session.

Public Information Session # 3

On October 27, 2016 at 6:30pm a third public information session for the CIP took place. Below please find the documents from the workshop: 

Statutory Public Meeting 

A Statutory Public Meeting as required under the Planning Act is scheduled to take place March 1, 2017 at 6:00 pm. Below please find a copy of the Notice: 

For more information please contact the Planning Department.