Water and Wastewater

Springwater's Municipal Water Systems are regulated by By-Law 2017-011 (Water Regulation and Rate By-law) which establishes water rates within the Township of Springwater.

Springwater's Municipal Wastewater Systems including connection fees and wastewater service rates for owner or occupants of land within the Wastewater System Service Areas are regulated by By-law 2017-012 (Wastewater Regulation and Rate By-law).

February 2017 - Water Information Brochure

Fall 2017 Watermain Flushing Notice

The Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA) will be flushing watermains for the Township of Springwater. 

It is very important that residents REDUCE water use from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm so that OCWA may effectively complete maintenance on the water systems.

September 25 - 29
Midhurst Water Systems
Minesing Water Systems
October 2 - 6
Elmvale Water Systems
Snow Valley Water Systems
Vespra Downs Water Systems
October 9 - 13 
Del Trend Water System (Midhurst)
Hillsdale Water System
October 16 - 20
Anten Mills Water System
Phelpston Water System

During or after this flushing period, you may experience discoloured water and/or low water pressure coming from your tap. If this happens, we suggest that you try the following:

Remove the tap aerators off your taps and flush all the house lines until the water runs clear.
Flush out your hot water tanks. This is to remove the accumulated iron precipitate in the tank; this iron may also decrease the efficiency of your water tank.

Should your water continue to be discoloured, please contact the Ontario Clean Water Agency at 705-429-2525.

Residential Water Customers

Residential water meters are read three times per year, around May 1st, August 1st and November 1st. There is no reading in February due to difficulties accessing the meters in the winter months. The Township of Springwater has contracted the services of WAMCO Waterworks and Municipal Products to conduct residential water meter reads.

Commercial and Multi-Residential Customers
Water meters for commercial properties and apartment buildings are read monthly by Township staff. Bills are issued based on actual use during the previous month.

Water and Wastewater Payments
Water and/or wastewater accounts are payable on or before the due date. Should payment not be received by the due date on the bill, a 1.25% late charge, per month, will apply. Failure to pay your bill may result in water being disconnected by the Township.

Pre-authorized Payment Plans
Residential customers have the option of registering for a pre-authorized payment plan for water and/or wastewater.