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We proudly serve a sub-urban community
of over 18,000 people.

The Fire Chief leads the Springwater Fire Department made up of 90 Volunteer Firefighters operating out of 4 Fire Stations. The Fire Chief also issues Fire Permits, conducts inspections to ensure compliance with the Fire Protection and Prevention Act, provides Fire Safety Training and oversees the Emergency Plan.

Fire - Police - Ambulance Emergency No. 9 - 1 - 1
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Fire and Emergency Services - Key Contacts

Ian Gavet:
    Director of Fire & Emergency Services / Fire Chief (ext. 2031)
Jeff French: 
    Deputy Fire Chief (ext. 2057) 
Jeff Corriveau: 
Fire Prevention Officer (ext. 2047)
Debbie Labelle
    Emergency Services Assistant (ext. 2045)

Online Recreational Burn Permits

Link to Online Burn Permit Form (PDF)

Springwater continues to improve its suite of digital service options with the introduction of online Recreational Burn Permits. Also new this year is a fee for all Burn Permits.

Effective February 1, 2016, Recreational Burn Permits cost $15 per calendar year, regardless of the number of fires held. Open Air Burn Permits will continue to be $15, as in previous years.

Zero Waste - Recycle your Used Alarms
Springwater Fire & Emergency Services is proud to team up with First Alert, to present Zero Waste - an exciting new program that will allow Canadians to recycle their used smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms and combination alarms. This is the first national program to give households the opportunity to recycle outdated and used smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms rather than throwing them in the trash. Drop off your used smoke and CO alarms at the Township Administration Centre or at the Minesing Fire Station.

Our Mission
Springwater Fire and Emergency Services is dedicated to providing fire protection services through a wide range of programs including inspections and education, designed to protect the lives and property of the inhabitants from the adverse effects of fires, sudden medical emergencies or exposure to dangerous conditions created by persons or nature.

Fire Hall Locations
The following are the four fire halls located within the Township of Springwater:

Station # 2: 1453 Snow Valley Road, Midhurst
        Station 2 has 20 Firefighters and 5 Officers. 

Station # 3:  2303 Ronald Road, Minesing
        Station 3 is the main location for training and public events. 
        Station 3 has 16 Firefighters and 4 Officers.
Station # 4:  1 Albert Street East, Hillsdale
        Station 4 has 16 Firefighters and 4 Officers.

Station # 5: 7 Patterson Street, Elmvale
        The oldest station serving Elmvale for over 75 years. 
        Station 5 has 20 Firefighters and 5 Officers.

Please note all mail for the above fire halls is forwarded to the Township office located at:
Township of Springwater Administration Centre
2231 Nursery Road
Minesing ON
L9X 1A8
Important Documents
Master Fire Plan 
Letter of Recognition - Superior Tanker Shuttle Service - Accredited (2013)

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